We provide a wide range of fire & security solutions, our services include DESIGN, INSTALLATION, COMMISSIONING and MAINTENANCES.


Right from the start, our specialist system designers will work with you to provide the system solution perfect for you. From  large comprehensive projects, to bespoke home security systems, we will provide the most optimum solution for your individual needs.


Our specialist team of qualified and experienced engineers will carry out the installation of system to the highest of standards. We take pride in providing an elite level of work for our customers and delivering excellence throughout.


After the installation of your system, we provide full, comprehensive system maintenance giving you undeniable peace of mind. When your system is maintained by Beacon, you will know that your business is safe and secure.

Life Safety

By installing and maintaining an extensive range of reliable life safety products, we provide bespoke protection solutions, designed for your specific needs.

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarm systems are designed to detect unwanted presence of fire, early detection can be life saving for you and your business. We provide a full range of fire detection and fire alarm systems, from conventional to fully addressable systems.

Nurse Call Systems

No matter how large or how small, we can provide specialist nurse call systems for your need. Your system will be specifically designed around your needs and installed to the highest of quality that we pride ourselves of at Beacon.

Disabled Refuge Systems

Refuge areas are safe spaces where mobility impaired people who cannot easily use fire escapes can make a call and wait for help. They are used for two-way communication so that rescue crews can determine where assistance is needed and reassure people that help is on its way.

Public Address Systems

Public Address & Voice Alarm systems are used to deliver clear spoken messages, either for emergency evacuation or general day-to-day messages. When the public are presented with clear understood messages there is less likely of a chance to cause panic as oppose to bells and sounders.



We provide security and peace of mind by integrating separate electronics systems into easy to use property protection tools to keep your property secure. Our systems deliver security solutions, manufactured to meet required quality and security standards such as NSI Gold.

Intruder Alarms

Designed to provide protection for you and your property, our intruder alarms can be installed in your premises. We offer a variety of intruder alarm systems, each connected to an Alarm Receiving Centre (ARC) giving you complete peace of mind.

Access & Door Entry

Providing security to premises, access control and door entry systems give you control over who gains access into a building and at what times. Designed to suit your requirements, from a one door access control system to a multiple door access system we have the security solution to suit your needs.

Intercoms & Warden Call

At Beacon we provide the latest in technology enabled care services, for any requirement. Our warden call solutions will be specially designed for your need.


With over 30 years experience in the Installation of CCTV equipment, Beacon are able to satisfy it’s customers with the operational and budgetary needs to ensure: economic usage, excellent quality and reliability, with maximum integration into your existing systems and future upgrades.

Fire Extinguishers

Beacon Fire and Security takes pride in its role as a reliable provider of fire safety solutions, including the supply and maintaining of fire extinguishers. We ensure that your premises are fully equipped with necessary fire extinguishing equipment and servicing them every year.

Remote Monitoring

We extend to our valued customers the convenience of remote monitoring services for Intruder alarms, Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) systems, and Intercoms.

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