At Beacon Fire and Security, we have established ourselves as a trusted provider serving customers throughout Northern Ireland. Our consistent growth has allowed us to cultivate an extensive clientele that includes national stadiums, reputable electrical contractors, esteemed charities, national retailers, and high-profile facilities management companies.

City Quays

After undertaking a comprehensive customer renovation and upgrade, Beacon Fire and Security not only successfully completed the new project but also assumed responsibility for the ongoing maintenance and monitoring of the entire site at Cayan. Cayan are a  U.S. smart payments company, situated in City Quays 1, and provide a payment gateway for online transactions.

armagh house

In January 2018, Armagh House reached its completion, thanks to Beacon Fire and Security’s comprehensive installation package provided to the electrical contractor. We collaborated closely throughout the entire process, starting from the design phase, progressing through the installation, and ultimately culminating in the commissioning phase. Our dedicated efforts ensured the delivery of a complete fire and security solution tailored to meet the customer’s specific needs.

Kingspan stadium

In 2017, Beacon Fire and Security took on the responsibility of maintaining the fire and security systems at Kingspan Stadium. During our tenure, we diligently identified and rectified underlying issues that came to our attention, ensuring the utmost satisfaction of the customer through effective resolutions.

Victoria Square

In 2017, we were entrusted with the task of performing extensive upgrades to the existing PAVA (Public Address and Voice Alarm) system at a large and contemporary shopping centre. Our responsibilities included rectifying numerous defects, upgrading equipment, and reestablishing fiber communications throughout the premises to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency.

what our customers say

  • We are loving this installation of one of our vandal resistant surface mount digital GSM intercoms. No wonder our GSM systems are such a popular entry choice when they look this good. Great job Beacon Fire and Security.

    Videx Security Limited
  • Just what we like to see; a Videx installation in progress. An install from Beacon Fire and Security is fitting one of our vandal resistant 120 systems with 220 and MiAccess, our standalone offline proximity access control offering. Looking good guys.


    Videx Security Ltd
  • JUST WOW. A key priority for us is to manufacture and supply door entry and access control systems that are tailored to the customer's specific needs. As shown in this wonderful installation by Beacon Fire and Security, the customer required a highly customised panel with specific engraving. The system manufactured and supplied is a bespoke VR130 polished brass finish with VX2200 video and WS4 to allow remote code programming online or via an app. What a fantastic job.


    Videx Security Limited
  • Beacon Fire and Security recently upgraded an existing entry system, replacing it with one of our 4000 series 4 button video entry systems with coded access. The new system provides highly secure, convenient entry with lots of flexibility to adapt to the customer's changing needs. Cracking job!


    Videx Security Limited


Corran Integrated Primary School & Nursery

Flat Iron Building

During the refurbishments in 2018, we provided fire and security products for the mid-1800’s 4-storey red brick building along with offering maintenance services, rapid callout response, and dedicated customer support.

Abbotts Road

Beacon Fire & Security provide a premium service for care homes, social housing and sheltered housing solutions. In 2018, we completed various fire and & security installations at Abbotts Road and it has been been finished to the highest standards, complementing the equipment we provided.

AJ Power

Beacon Fire & Security have been supporting landlords and facilities management companies for more than a decade by ensuring the design, installation, maintenance and repair of the building’s security infrastructures. In 2018, we installed the fire alarm and intruder alarm systems at AJ Power, Craigavon, whilst providing excellent customer service when required.

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